Scientific council

The Scientific Council which includes the Director, Deputies, managers of scientific projects and programs is the Body of the collegial leadership. The composition of the Scientific Council is approved by the Director. The competence of the Scientific Council includes - consideration and approval of the main directions of the Institute's activities, long-term and annual plans of research and experimental work, plans and reports of managers, other issues of the Institute. The Scientific Council is authorized to take the decision if at least 2/3 of its members are present at the meeting. Decisions of the Scientific Council are adopted by open voting, by a majority of votes of the present members of the Scientific Council. On specific issues, the decision may be taken by secret ballot.
In the case of disagreement of the Director with the decision of the Scientific Council, the issue should be transferred to the consideration of the public administration body.

Members of the Academic Council

1. MATYZHANOV Kenzhekhan Islyamzhanuly (chairman)
2. KALIEVA Almira Kairtaevna (Deputy Chairman)
3. AKYSH Nurdaulet Babikhanovich
4. ANANIEVA Svetlana Viktorovna
5. AZIBAEVA Bakhytzhan Ualievna
6. Albekov Toktar
7. ELEUKENOV Sheriazdan Rustemovich
8. ISMAKOVA Aigul Serikovna
9. KUZEMBAY Sarah Adilgereevna
10. KENJAKULOVA Ainur Berikovna
11. KAZTUGANOVA Ainur Zhasanbergenovna
12. KALIZHANOV Ualikhan Kalizhanovich
13. KIRABAEV Serik Smailovich
14. KONAEV Diar Askarovich
15. KORABAY Serіkkazy Sybanbayuly
16. KYDYR Torali Edilbayuly
17. MUKAN of Amangeldy Orazbayuly
19. ORDA Gulzhakhan Zhumaberdievna
20. PRALI Gulzia Zhailauovna
21. RAKYSH Zhumashay Saylauovna
22. SULTAN Yertay
23. SAULEMBEK Gulmira Rzahanovna
24. SHARIPOVA Dilyara Sapargalievna
25. KHAMRAEV Alimzhan Tilikovich